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Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai

Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai: Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai is the latest Tamil movie that has been released under the direction of RKV. This film has cast popular actors like Akash Prem Kumar, Enakshi Ganguly, Prema, Maim Gopi, VJ Ashiq, Sams, Priyanka Venkatesh, Anu Priyadarshini, Mithunya, Nisar, Swapna, and Krithik.
Let us share that Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai means in English “Last Love Story”.


Lead role player actor Akash Prem Kumar use to be a friend of VJ Ashiq and others in Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai. He finds Enakshi Ganguly as his girlfriend falling in love with her. Enakshi agrees to the love of Akash Prem Kumar but she shares one condition that they both can love each other without touching and having physical relations.
Later a lover Akash Prem Kumar who first agrees to love her without touching gets tempted more and more as the story moves forward to touch his girlfriend. And the further Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai’s story moves on to show will Akash Prem get a chance to touch Enakshi.

Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai Tamil movie story adds a lot of adult humor. Later not getting a chance to touch his girlfriend Akash Prem gets in depression and admits himself to the hospital. And then what factors continue the story for that you need to buy a ticket in theaters and watch this latest release.

Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai wiki


What the audience has shared about Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai is that all the newcomer actors who are added to the film have done a fabulous job. Actor Akas Prem Kumar’s performance is also appraisable.
Actor Sam’s comedy scene added to the story has created more impact on the story. Sam did his comedy acting very well by scoring high in it. Director RKV has remained successful in attracting the audience to the movie. His work as a director has made this easier to understand and entertaining to watch. There is no other conflict in this fact that this film will surely get a high rating from the audience with the advent of time.
Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai movie has come out in 2022 most entertaining movie which can be watched by sitting together with your friends.
It has added a lot of laughter and enjoyment. When there is much laughter in the film audience barely bothers about the story. The makers of the film have provided a full 2 hours of entertainment for the audience.

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Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai Details (Cast, Download)

Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai Download
All QuestionsAll Answers
What is the Full Name of the movie?Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai
When will it get Released?30 December 2022
Who directed this Movie?RKV
Who is the producer?E.Mohan
Who is the Cinematographer?Sivasunder
Who Edited?B.R.Prakash
Who has given music?Chetan Krishna
What is the name of the Production company?S Cube Pictures
In Which Language it is available?Tamil
In which Genre this series is released?Comedy, Drama
Who has written the story?RKV
What is the budget?10-12 Crore INR
In Which OTT platform this series will get released?Will Update
In which resolution this series is available?HD
What is IMDb rating?Will Update



What is the English meaning of Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai?

Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai Means the Last Love Story.

When was Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai got released?

It was released on 31st December 2022

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